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[01-05-24] Patch Notes (Refine Event)


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Hi adventurers, We the team of Havoc SAGA wishes everyone a very happy new year this 2024, We introduce you to some of the important updates that was pending because of the Christmas/New Year pause.

  • Auto Combat Book Update:
    • Configuration to prioritize loot or fight.
    • Added a prefix to players that are using Auto Combat Book
      •  [AUTO] PlayerName.
      • image.png.fc21de2affcb78ec3cc6d794cb880268.png
    • Configuration to set the minimum cell distance when moving.
    • Ammunition switching (arrow, bullets, kunai) to prioritize the right element.
    • Auto spell skill for Sage/Professor.
    • Fix some skills, like combos.
    • Greatly improve mob detection.
    • Greatly improve delays on skills to run more smoothly.
    • Add a menu item to reset all saved configurations.
  • Card Exchanger NPC Update:
    • Improved the list of cards that can be exchanged to the NPC.
    • Added a new NPC beside the Card Exchanger NPC which you can trade various MVP & Mini Boss Cards to your Card Coins.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Added a warning on enchanting Thanatos Acce that you can only enchant one accessory at a time or else your materials will vanish.
    • Fixed Illusion Tae Goo Lyon item script.
    • Fixed Soul Linker job level and increased it from 50 > 70.
    • Fixed MVP GC drop rate, now MVPs will drop 30x Gold Coin each time they are killed.
    • Fixed the item description of Grace Magical/Physical Modification Permit (Garment)
      • Removed the description where it can enchant the Grace Shoes.
  • Event:
    • Upgrade Event 
      • Refining has been increased to 50%.
      • January 5 until January 31, 2024.
    • image.png.67d5af7371a801461fd39f46f01bde62.png
      • Only Enriched/HD refining materials are affected by this event.
  • Daily Login for January is now up!
    • image.jpeg.64b088e0314c0f053c197bd491b67da7.jpeg
      • Get a chance to get awesome costume by just loggin in to the game.

Please report if you found any bugs in-game, as always we thank you for your continues support to Havoc SAGA, Cheers!!

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