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[12-12-23] Patch Notes (Grace Set)


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Hi adventurers, The Grace Set is finally here, we release this new equipment's as per player's request.

  • Attendance has been updated.
  • Illusion Dungeons monsters has been gradually decreased.
  • New Field to farm the materials for Grace Set will be the Rudus F1.
    • You can access the map via the Warper > Fields > Rudus F1 - Laboratory Waste Disposal.
  • New Equipment's to lessen the damage gap to new dungeons and players can make this set first.
    • You can view the new items description and effects from Jade inside the Main Office (@go main).
    • Grace Set (New Items)
      • Grace Attack Manteau
      • Grace Magic Manteau
      • Grace Attack Boots
      • Grace Magic Boots
      • Grace Attack Ring
      • Grace Magic Ring
      • Grace Knight Armor
      • Grace Genesis Armor
      • Grace Frost Robe
      • Grace Psychic Robe
      • Grace Sharp Suit
      • Grace Severe Suit
      • Grace Termination Armor
      • Grace Acid Demonstration Suit
      • Grace Assassin Suit
      • Grace Stalker Suit
      • Grace Adora Robe
      • Grace Knuckle Suit
      • Grace Moon Suit
      • Grace Eshwoo Robe
      • Grace Ninja Suit
      • Grace Desperado Suit
      • Grace Refine Ticket (+9 Refine Deed for Grace)
      • Grace Physical Modification Permit (Armor)
      • Grace Magical Modification Permit (Armor)
      • Grace Physical Modification Permit (Garment)
      • Grace Magical Modification Permit (Garment)
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