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[12-11-23] Patch Notes (Hotfix)


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Added the following items on Tool Dealer NPC:

  • Green Potion
  • Combat Book (Disable)
  • Red Syrup
  • Yellow Syrup
  • White Syrup
  • Blue Syrup

Added the following MVP on MVP Checker NPC:

  • Valkyrie Reginleif
  • Valkyrie Ingrid
  • Deep Sea Witch
  • Chaotic Baphomet
  • Dracula of Rage
  • Awakened Ktullanux
  • Silent Maya
  • Angry Moonlight Flower
  • Ominous Turtle General
  • Ancient Tao Gunka
  • Ancient Wootan Defender

Fix the MVP timer of the following MVPs on MVP NPC:

  • White Lady
  • Orc Lord

Skill Changes:

  • Increased Cart Boost skill duration from 60 seconds to 10 minutes.
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