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[10-21-23] Patch Notes (Introduction of Battlegrounds)


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In this major update we introduce you to the Battlegrounds and some QoL updates.


  • Modes:
    • Rush: is a WoE FE mode, with both teams spawning at the entrance. Rush with your team to the Emperium to capture the castle. If the defending team can hold the castle, they win. The attacking team has to break the Emperium to win.
    • Capture The Flag: Each team has a crystal to defend. The enemy team has to loot the crystal from the other team and bring it to their base to get 1 point. The team who gets 3 points wins the game. The player carrying the crystal cannot use items or skills and loses HP/SP over time. Protect them!
    • Stone Control: Each team has a base with places to bring the stones to. The 6 stones spawn in the middle of the arena. The goal is to bring the stones to your base to get points. The player carrying the stone cannot use items or skills and loses HP/SP over time. You can steal the stones from the enemy base! First team to get 20 points wins.
    • Team Death Match: First team to get 20 kills wins.
  • BG Commands:
    • @joinbg <0-2>: enlist to the battleground queue (0: solo 1: party 2: guild)
    • @guildskill <EC/RS/RG/BO>: performs a guild skill (usable in WoE maps too)
    • @guildskillinfo: check if the guild skills are available to cast or show the remaining cooldown.
    • @leader <player name>: transfer the team leader to another player.
    • @reportafk <player name>: kicks an AFK player from the arena.
    • @order <message>: shout a message to the team.
    • @listenbg: enable/disable the battlegrounds announces.
    • @bgrank: displays the Battleground's rank.
  • BG Happy Hour schedule (Daily):
    • 20:00 - 22:00 GMT +8 (Additional 50% Badge will be given to all BG participants.)
  • New BG/WoE Check Info Interface:
    • image.png.9c3065571ba8b687c4d8f56794edaed4.png
  • New BG Costume Shop:
    • image.png.94cf3fbb8005a81cd519ed1116d08ff6.png
    • Contents:
      • image.png.7630e7857dd7b9b5df50c9176e1162f1.png
      • image.png.4fd6a2c0f7d0ee22a2c04e4d695cd412.png
  • New General Commands:
    • @townskill - When town skill is used while a song is casted you don't need to recast the said song again it will automatically cast itself after the song duration.
      • Working on Clown/Gypsy songs and Paladin's Gospel.
    • @alootid2 - Setup what items do you want to be autolooted by your character.
      • image.png.509094042bc4d9d5e3e5f4d657538473.png
    • @restock - Allows you to restock items from your storage to your inventory by just typing this command.
      • image.png.88c79087ad496496c51e50c08d0bc344.png
    • @dance - this is a casual command that allows your character to like do some skill animation.
      • image.png.9674ce3156759cc76ae7a894826a460f.png
  • New Refine Table, BSB Price.
    • We adjusted the BSB Price on both Donation Shop and Dailies shop gradually.
      • BSB on Cash Shop from 500 CP > 250 CP.
      • BSB on Dailies Shop from 500 Territe > 80 Territe.
    • spaces%2FSiMKQkWbrbU3ADsoZ44g%2Fuploads%2FB9aaEzkDbDOy7peDa55t%2Fimage.png?alt=media&token=f25ed59c-4489-4279-a9c6-6f708d49fa8e
  • Successful Refine will be now announced.
  • We also adjusted the Daily Quest required monster kill.
    • Abyss Lake
      • 20x Ferus (Green)
      • 20x Acidus (Blue)
      • 20x Ferus (Red)
      • 20x Acidus (Gold)
        • Rewards: 80x Territe and 120x Gold Coins
    • Juperos
      • 10x Dimik (Fire)
      • 10x Dimik (Earth)
      • 10x Dimik (Water)
      • 10x Dimik (Wind)
        • Rewards: 100x Territe and 120x Gold Coin
    • Bio Laboratory
      • 3x Eremes Guile
      • 3x Howard Alt-Eisen
      • 3x Margaretha Sorin
      • 3x Cecil Damon
      • 1x Kathryne Keyron
        • Rewards: 120x Territe and 120x Gold Coin
  • We also adjusted the cost of the following services below.
    • Card Remover from 150,000z base and 50,000z per card > 50,000z base and 10,000z per card.
    • Reduced the cost of stat and skill reset to 50,000z each and for both 80,000z.
  • Added upgrading materials on V4P Shop.
    • BSB costs 400 Vote Points.
    • Enriched Elunium/Oridecon costs 300 Vote Points.
    • VOTE HERE: Vote 4 Points Site
  • Added Costume Exchange NPC inside the Main Office (@go main)
    • This NPC will turn your normal headgears to a costume one.
      • Cost of turning normal headgears into costume: 50x Territe & 150,000z
      • Cost of turning back the costume to normal headgear: 80x Territe & 250,000z
  • Reduced the zeny fee on Seiyablem & Leablem NPCs (Socket).
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