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3rd Job Skills


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To start with.. There is so called "Edenring". From the name itself it sounds like poring but in a different color or a "Golden Poring" to be exact.
Not too rare, Edenring can be found everywhere, dungeons, fields, or even inside the towns. And you can eliminate them easily like you're trying to hit a Shining Plant.

When killed. They'll drop a "Forbidden Apple" for the rate of 10%. This item gives you a 3rd/4th job skills randomly. Meaning, all Classes gives you the skills like buffs from Archbishop, Rune Knight, Glt X, or any active skills. The time you use those skills will go to the "etc" tab skills. Take note that if you use again the Forbidden Fruit Your previous skills will disappear. Looks familiar? (Rogue/Intimidate).

When used. It give 7 skills (randomly). Like the buffs from Mechanic and Sorcerer or an active skills from Shadow Chaser. Something like that. 
And for the level of skills are also random. So, a lil bit hard to find the best combo and skills level to have.
Sometimes the GM activate a room and this is an event. Every weekend with a specific time, you can enter to the Edenroom wherein a group of Edenring can be found.

EmphasizeForbidden fruit - Gives user 7 random skills from 3rd and 4th jobs with a random skill level, consuming another fruit will override your current forbidden skills.

Closing remark: This strategy for me is very useful. You're not just hunting cards, equipments, or boss hunting to enhance your character but it also help you to gain zeny (tradeable).
Maybe its a good method of having this feature to play more time here.

For reference I can give you the link but not sure if you'll allow it here since its from a different server. 

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